7 класс

Тест по англ яз 7 класс – Тест по английскому языку 7 класс

Итоговый тест по английскому языку, 7 класс


1.  Choose the right option.

1.     Brian is a very ……………… boy and the best student in his class.

a. intelligent                    b. glance                             c. pipe

2.       I like beautiful……………… in our village.

a. public                        b. dictionary                 c.  landscapes

3.       John lives in the country because he likes the friendly and ………… people.

a. helpful                      b.  heavy                                c. crowded

4.       He can speak three ….: English, German and French.

a. languages                b. knowledge                c. nationality

5.      The athlete broke the world …….……. for the 100 m race.

a. idea                          b. record                              c. advice

6.       There’s аn …………… with Вrаd Pitt in today’s newspaper.

a. interview                   b. message                            c. weather

7.       Swimming is not ………. in this river.

a. allowed                    b. polluted                                c. polite

8.        Fаmоus people such as actors and sportsmen аrе  …..…… fоr   tееnаgеrs.

a. role models                     b. school assignments               c. headphones

9.     … they travel by bicycle every weekend.

a. To keep fit                b. Figure skating                c. Hardly sleep

10.       I find ………….. the most stressful.

a. taking care with your parents       b. getting enough sleep         c. arguing    with parents

11.       The book is very …………

a. bored                            b. boring                          c. bore

12.        2004 was the year ………… the Olympic Games were held in Athens.

a. when                                  b. who                                 c. which

13.        I prefer classical music because it is ……………than rock music.

a. relax                        b. more relaxing                  c. most relaxing

14.        If you have a headache, you ………… take a pain killer

a. should                      b. has                                    c. could


        I did it ……….

a. myself                         b. herself                        c. itself

16.         Have you ………… eaten candy floss?

a. ever                          b. always                             c. tomorrow

17.          Is there …………. milk?

a. some                                b. many                    c. any

18.          He is the ……….. boy in the class.

a. tallest                          b. tall                              c. taller

19.          I bought a ………. blue dress.

a. Italian                        b. wooden                           c. nice

20.        There is a ………….. of tea.

a. cup                            b. packet                                 

c. can


2. Underline the correct word.

21.     This film is the ………..film ever!

    a. most successful              b. more successful             c. succesfullest

22.     He is ……….at playing the violin than his brother.

     a.  better              b.  good                c. best             

23.     Mary is ……….than Garth.

                  a.  funniest       b. funnier               c. funny

24.     That is the ……..film I’ve seen in ages!

     a. worst    b. badest                    c. worse                     

25.      James is….. than Mike.

     a.  tallest               b. taller            c. tall                


   3.  Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

      26.      He usually …….(drink) coffee in mornings.

      a.  is drinking               b. drinks           

       27.      At the moment they………. (play) football.

      a.  is playing               b. are playing           

       28.      Jane …….(read) the newspaper when the phone rang.

      a.  read              b. was reading       

29.      We ……..(move) house in 2000.

      a.  have been moving              b. have moved           

30.      They ……just ………(plant) flowers.

     a.  have planted              b. have been planting         



4. Put the verbs in brackets in the present simple or present continuous.

       41.   Every Monday, Sally_______________________________(drive) her kids to football practice.

42.    Shhh! Be quite! John______________________________________(sleep).

43.    Jenny usually ________________________ __________(do) her homework in the evening.

44.    She _______________________________ (be) always late for breakfast.

45.    I ____________________________________________ (not/understand) what you are saying to me.


5.  Read the text and and mark the statements true (T) or false (F).

The National Sport of England

Football is the most рорulаr sport in England. ln fact, а lot of English people say it is their national sport.

English people have played football fоr а vеrу long time. Ноwеvеr, the game didn’t have аnу rеаl rulеs until  the l9th сеntuгу. ln l815, Eton College created гulеs to make the gаmе less violent and lаtеr, in l848, Cambridge university made mаnу of the mоdеrn rulеs. Football quickly became as рорulаr as оthеr games such аs cricket.

Today, thеrе аrе thousands of fооtbаll clubs in England, and professional clubs, such as Аrsеnаl, Livеrрооl and Маnсhеstеr United аrе famous all оvеr the world.

Football  has bесоmе раrt of the сulturаl life in England and hundreds of  thousands of fans suрроrt thеir fаvоuritе teams in stadiums аrоund the country еvеrу weekend. Маnу English сhildrеn have football lessons at school. And famous footballers, such as David Beckham and Michael Owen hаvе become rоlе models fоr а lot of these сhildrеn.

46.Football rules were created in  the 19th century.    ……

47. Arsenal is unknown football team.   ……

48. The English like football.   ……

49. Football fans often  go to stadiums.   ……

50. Cricket is one of popular game in England.   (5*2=10)


Тест по английскому языку (7 класс) на тему: Тесты к урокам английского языка, 7 класс

Test  4 (7th Form)

  1. Listen and answer the question: What does Mr Brown do?



  1. Match the verbs with the nouns.

Verbs                                        Nouns

protect                                    the atmosphere

drop                                         a fine

pollute                                    the environment

recycle                                    public transport

go by                                       litter

pay                                          old containers

  1. Choose the right answer.
  1. Litter is
  1. rubbish which people drop in the streets.
  2. a place.
  3. something good for you.
  1. Recycling is
  1. going on a bicycle again.
  2. using litter again.
  3. a computer game.
  1. A fine is
  1. something nice.
  2. the money you pay if you do something bad.
  3. a present.
  1. There will be no air without
  1. animals.
  2. rivers.
  3. forests.
  1. Greenpeace is
  1. an organization that protects the environment.
  2. the name of our planet.
  3. a hotel.
  1. Fill in the gaps with these words. There is one extra word.

Factories, the Earth, litter, cars, recycle, turn on, public transport, turn off, the forests.

Our Promise

The people of ______________ will protect their planet. We will build special ____________ and ___________________ our rubbish. Some people will not use their ______________ and go by _____________. Children will not drop _________________ and will help clean __________.

We will never forget to _____________ electricity and water.

  1. What mustn’t people do and what must they do. Write sentences.


Тест по английскому языку (7 класс) на тему: Тестовые материалы для оценки знаний школьников по английскому языку за курс 7 класса

Разработка комплекта тестовых материалов для оценки знаний школьников по английскому языку за курс 7 класса (УМК -Афанасьева, Михеева)

Инструкция по выполнению работы

Данная работа предназначена для внутришкольного контроля знаний обучающихся 7-х классов в течение учебного года. Контрольно-измерительные материалы составлены на основе обязательного минимума содержания образования по английскому языку .

При выполнении заданий нельзя пользоваться телефонами, словарем и  справочной литературой.

В тесте содержатся задания различного типа:

  1. задания с выбором варианта ответа, где к каждому заданию дается несколько вариантов ответа, из которых только один верный. При выполнении этих заданий обведите кружком номер выбранного ответа и занесите его в поле «Answer _________»;
  2. задание с выбором нескольких вариантов ответа, где к заданию даются варианты ответа, из которых несколько верных. При выполнении задания обведите кружком номера выбранных ответов и занесите их в поле «Answer _________»;  
  3. с кратким ответом, который записывается в рабочем поле тетради и заносится в поле

«Answer _________»;

  1. с восстановлением соответствия между элементами двух списков, где в таблицу ответов необходимо записать соответствующие буквы.


  1. если в заданиях с выбором варианта ответа, Вы выбрали неверный, то зачеркните этот обведенный номер крестиком, а затем обведите номер правильного ответа. В поле «Answer __________» также номер неверного ответа зачеркивается крестиком и рядом записывается номер правильного ответа;
  2. в случае неправильного ответа в задании с кратким ответом, зачеркните его и запишите рядом новый;
  3. в заданиях с восстановлением соответствия, в таблице ответов зачеркиваются неверные ответы и рядом записывается верный.


 Listen to the dialogue and set correspondence between the statements of the speaker 1-5 and claims data in the list A-E. Use each letter only once. Write in the answer table letters  A-E

2. Sports.

 Find indoor sports.  Circle the letters corresponding to the right answer

a.  Aikido

b. Climbing

c.  Diving

d.  Sailing

e.  Gymnastics

f.   Basketball


3. Theatre and Cinema, Museum.

Complete the sentence with the appropriate word. Write down only the right word.

1.… is a type of music and the only art form that was created in the USA.

2.Theatre was born in ancient … .

3.Drama developed from hymn sung to Dionysius, the god of … and good life.

4. Cinema was born at the end of the 19th century in … .

Answer 1._____________, 2. ____________ 3. ____________ 4._________

4. Theatre and Cinema, Museum.

Read the text and circle the letter corresponding to the right answer

The British Museum has one of the largest libraries in the world. It has a copy of every book that is printed in the English language, so that there are more than six million books there. They receive nearly two thousand books and papers daily.
The British Museum Library has a very big collection of printed books and manuscripts, both old and new. You can see beautifully illustrated old manuscripts which they keep in glass cases.
You can also find there some of the first English books printed by Caxton. Caxton was a printer who lived in the fifteenth century. He made the first printing-press in England.
In the reading-room of the British Museum many famous men have read and studied.
Charles Dickens, a very popular English writer and the author of ‘David Copperfield’, ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘Dombey and Son’ and other books, spent a lot of time in the British Museum Library.

1.  The British Museum is …

   a.  a museum    b. a library   c. a museum which has a library

2.  The British Museum Library has a very big collection of …

   a. only old books   b. new  papers  c. old and new printed manuscripts

3. What  was Caxton?

   a. first printer in the world  b. made the first printing-press in the world c. first printer in England  

4. In the British Museum you can …

   a. read and study        b. meet Charles Dickens          c. study

5. Perfect tense.

Present Perfect tense. Open the brackets and put the verbs into the proper form. Write down only the right form.

1. John _____(write) his name.

2. I________ (draw) a picture yet.

3. George ______ (never , be) in Australia.

4. John and Richard _______ (just ,go) away.

Answers 1. ______________, 2. _______________, 3. _____________, 4. _____________.

6. Perfect tense.

 Past Perfect tense. Open the brackets and put the verbs into the proper form. Write down only the right form.

1.By the end of the year she  … (learn)to cook.

2. After the boss … (leave), the employees began to talk

3. He …  (never, be) kind to me until that day.

4. I got to know that Mary and Jacob …( not, meet)  since our wedding.

Answers 1. ______________, 2. _______________, 3. _____________, 4. _____________.

7. Perfect tense.

Past Simple or Present Perfect. Open the brackets and put the verbs into the proper form. Write down only the right form.

1. I (see, not) ______   Steve this morning yet.

2. I  (go) ______  to Paris in 2003 and 2006.

3. A car came round the corner and I (jump) ______   out of the way.

4. I (be) ______   never to Italy.

Answers 1. ______________, 2. _______________, 3. _____________, 4. _____________.

8. Tenses and form to describe future.

Choose the right form. Circle the letter corresponding to the right answer.

1. When …   our classes start tomorrow?

   a.   do        b.  will      c.  –

2. We ….  to St. Petersburg some time soon.

   a. go    b. are going   c. will

3. Before you  to cross the park, you  …  to a square.
  a. will come     b. come      c. are going to cross
4. If she …  properly, her boss … her.
  a. don’t work, will fire    b. doesn’t work, will fire c. won’t work, will fire

9. The noun.

Write down the extra word.


Love, beauty, meat, horror


Lamp, cat, cheese, cockatoo


Snow, family, team, group


Bread, politics, water, lemonade

10. The noun.

Make the nouns in bold singular. Write down only the signal form

1. The wives of the sailors came to the shore.
2. I have hurt my feet and hands.

               Answers 1. _______,      _________       2. _________,      __________

11. Articles.

Choose the correct variant. Circle the letter corresponding to the right answer.

I. …Smiths have a dog and a cat.
  a. —      b. The    c. A
2. He knows how to work on … computer.
  a. a      b. an      c. —
3. She was the first woman to swim across … English Channel.
  a. a      b. —        c. the
4. Go down … Kingston Street and turn left into Oxford Street.
  a. the   b. a        c.-

12. Articles.

Fill in the correct article if necessary. Write down the right article. If the article is not needed  write “-”

1. “Is this your … friend?”

2. I have no … car.

3. They have  two … cats.

4. Would you like … apple?

Answers 1. ______________, 2. _______________, 3. _____________, 4. _____________.

13. Subjunctive mood.

Match the two parts of the sentences to get logical phrases.Write in the answer table letters  from column2

Column 1

Column 2

1 .If I were you

a. he would be answering well now.

2. If I went to New York City

b.I shouldn’t go to the party before an exam

3. If I meet her

c.I would join in carol singing at Washington Square

4. If he hadn’t missed the lesson

d.I’ll tell her the news.

14. Subjunctive mood.

 Choose the right answer, Write down only the right form.

1. If I (had had/ had) more time, I (would go/ would have gone) there myself.

2. If Tom (buy/bought) a ticket to London He (will see/would see) the Tower of London.

Answers 1. _______     ,        _______,              2. _______            ,________,

15. Phrasal verbs. To run

Complete the sentences using the missing prepositions. Write down only the right preposition.

1. Run … and see me this evening.

2. The clock has run … and will stop if not wound.

3. My patience has run … .

4. I forgot to turn off the tap and the water ran … (the sink).

Answers 1. ______________, 2. _______________, 3. _____________, 4. _____________.

16. Phrasal verbs. To take

Translate into Russia.  Write down only the translation of phrasal verbs(according to the text).

1. Take this bag back to the shop and change it.

2. She took down the picture from the wall.

3. The plane took off  in time.

4. Jane is very short – she takes after her grandmother

Answers 1. ______________, 2. _______________, 3. _____________, 4. _____________.

17. Phrasal verbs. To take, to make, to look, to give.

Choose the right verb. Circle the letter corresponding to the right answer

1. Tom was carefully … down what the teacher was saying.

   a. take    b. make    c. look d. give

2. Who is going to … after your cat when you are away.

   a. take    b. make    c. look d. give

3. Is it a true story or have you … it up.

   a. take    b. make    c. look d. give

4. I know the task is difficult but don’t … up.

   a. take    b. make    c. look d. give

18. Passive voice.

Match the two parts of the sentences to get logical phrases.Write in the answer table letters  from column2

Column 1

Column 2

1. Laura was told

a. where he will be on Friday

2.David has been sent

b. they were leaving tomorrow

3.Tom will be asked

c. and he will be rich in a minute

4.Peter is being paid

d.to hospital to see his doctor






19. Passive voice.

Open the brackets and put the verbs into the proper form. Write down only the right form.

1. Grapes _____________ (not,grow) in the North.

2. The letters ____________ (post) yesterday.

3. Many new schools _____________ (construct) this year.

4. The factory doesn’t work. The toys __________ (not, make) at the moment.

Answers 1. ______________, 2. _______________, 3. _____________, 4. _____________.

20. Complex object.

Use “to”where necessary to complete the sentences. If “to” is not needed  write “-”

1. Have you ever seen fish … jump?

2. We all want you … be happy.

3. I’ll let you … go to the cinema.

4. In the dark the boy felt his father … take him by the hand.

Answers 1. ______________, 2. _______________, 3. _____________, 4. _____________.

21. Complex object.

Translate into Russia.

1. Я хочу, чтобы Том закрыл окно.

2. Она никогда не видела, как он танцует.

3. Мама ожидает, что мы придем рано.

4. Детей заставили убрать комнату.






22. Russia, my Homeland.

Complete the sentences  with the appropriate words.

Moscow, the capital of Russia was founded in(1) … by(2) …  … . It stands on the (3)… River in the centre of the vast plain of  European Russia. The city is very beautiful. (4) …. … is the heart of our capital.

Answer  1. _________ 2. ___________________________  3. __________ 4. _______________


23. Russia, my Homeland.

Match these dates in the history of Russia with the events. Write in the answer table letters from column 2

Column 1

Column 2

1. 1147

a. The October Revolution takes place

2. 1703

b.Alexander II writes the decree abolishing  serfdom


c.Peter the Great founds St. Petersburg


d. Yuri Dolgoruky founds Moscow






24. Great Britain –a country of traditions.

Say whether the statements are Right or Wrong and circle the right  letter

1. In spring the Walsh celebrate St. David’s Day.                                                                R         W

2. The Trooping the Colour is the traditional game in Scotland.                                           R         W

3. Up-Helly-Aa is celebrated in Winter in Scotland.                                                  R         W

4. Guy Fawkes was a minister of King James I.                                                  R         W

25. Great Britain –a country of traditions.

Match these pictures  of holidays  with the names. Write in the answer table letters from column 2.

Column 1

Column 2


a. Swan upping


b. Carol singing


c. The State Opening of the Parliament


d. May Day






Технологическая матрица отбора содержания образования

по английскому языку  в 7-ом классе

            Представленная технологическая матрица охватывает более 80% учебного материала по английскому языку в рамках программы для учащихся 7-х классов.


Количество заданий в тестах

Процент заданий в тестах

Общее число баллов за выполнение всех заданий





Theatre and Cinema, Museum




Perfect tense




Tenses and form to describe future




The noun








Subjunctive mood




Phrasal verbs




Passive voice




Complex object




Russia, my Homeland




Great Britain –a country of traditions







100 баллов



Правильный ответ

№ 1

1С 2E 3B 4A 5D        

№ 2

a e f

№ 3

1Jazz  2Greece  3wine 4Paris/France

№ 4

1c 2c 3c 4a

№ 5

1 has written 2 haven’t/have not drawn

3 has never been 4 have just went

№ 6

1 had learned 2 had left  3 had never been  4 had not met

№ 7

1 haven’t/have not  seen 2 went3 jumped 4 have never been

№ 8

1a 2b 3a  4b

№ 9

1 meat   2 cheese 3 snow  4 politics

№ 10

1 wife, sailor  2 foot, hand

№ 11

1b 2a 3c  4c

№ 12

1 – 2 – 3 —  4 an

№ 13

1b 2c  3d  4a

№ 14

1had, would go   2 bought, would see

№ 15

1 in    2 down  3 out  4 over

№ 16

1 отнеси (назад)/ верни  2 сняла   3 взлетел        4 пошла/ похожа

№ 17

1a  2c 3b 4d

№ 18

1b 2d  3a  4c

№ 19

1 are not grown,  2 were posted  3 have been constructed,  4 are not being  made

№ 20

1 — 2to 3-  4-

№ 21

1. I want Tom to close the window.

2. She has never seen her dance/dancing.

3. Mother expects us to come early.

4. The children were made to clean the room.

№ 22

1 1147       2 Yuri Dolgoruky    3 Moskva  4 Red Square

№ 23

1d  2c 3b  4a

№ 24

1R 2W 3R 4W

№ 25

1d  2a  3b  4c


Тест по английскому языку (7 класс) на тему: Тесты 7класс




Variant A

  1. Соедини слово и перевод:

1. luck                                                a) везти (по жизни)

2. expensive                                        b) удачливый

3. to get a new hairstyle                                c) тыква

4. tolerant                                        d) клавиатура

5. pumpkin                                        e) дорогой

6. to touch wood                                f) соревнование

7. communicate                                        g) подстричься

8. a keyboard                                        h) терпеливый

9. to be in luck                                        i) дорогой

10. competition                                        j) постучать по дереву

  1. Напиши числа:

948, 1723, 591

  1. Задай вопросы:

My friend had a headache (головная боль) in the evening yesterday.

  1. Найди правильный ответ:

1. Long ago men … different types of communication.

a) had used                b) used                        c) to use

2. The electric telegraph … by A.G. Bell.

a) was invented                b) inventing                c) to invent

3. I … in Australia now.

a) was                        b) am living                c) lived

4. … I spend my summer in the south next year?

a) Was                        b) Will                        c) Am

5. He … his homework yesterday.

a) done                        b) did                        c) had done        


Variant B

  1. Соедини слово и перевод:

1. chance                                        a) невезение

2. hardworking                                        b) убить паука

3. have a cup of tea                                c) трудолюбивый

4. improve your memory                        d) проиграть игру

5. to take part in                                e) улучшать память

6. to kill a spider                                f) средства

7. misfortune                                        g) принимать участие

8. means                                        h) выпить чашечку чая

9. a screen                                        i) шанс

10. to lose a game                                j) монитор

  1. Напиши числа:

871, 2568, 234

  1. Задай вопросы:

Masha and I are telling the story now.

  1. Найди правильный ответ:

1. Tim …his homework yet.

a) didn’t do                b) hasn’t done                c) wasn’t do

2. … she play piano every day?

a) Is                        b) Does                        c) Was

3. I … in Kingisepp now.

a) was                        b) am living                c) lived

4. Our teacher … us not to talk.

a) tell                        b) has told                c) told

5. You … a doctor after finishing school.

a) will                        b) will be                c) be                                



Тест по английскому языку (7 класс) на тему: Лексико-грамматический тест по английскому языку 7 класс

Тесты по английскому языку для учеников 7 класса

1. Вставить слова из таблицы.

1.        The police didn’t …. him.                                

2.        His horse came first and he …. a lot of money.

3.        The Earth is a …. .

4.        The … received a Cup.

5.        We went on a … round the palace.

6.         Try your chance …. .                  

7.        Why are you so sad? – I’ve …. my chess competition.

8.        He …. me to say he couldn’t come.

9.        Health …. everything.

 2.         Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные жирными буквами в конце строк, так, чтобы они грамматически соответствовали содержанию предложений.

1.        He is a …. scientist. His ideas are new and original.                              – CREATE

2.        They study …. And French at school.                                                    – RUSSIA

3.        They have already discussed this important …. problem.                     – SCIENCE

4.        It’s a …. day, isn’t it? – Yes, wonderful.                                               – LOVE

3.  Вставьте  who и which.

1.        Barbara works for a company … makes washing machines.

2.        What was the name of the horse … won the race.

3.        The police have caught the men … stole my car.

4.        A dictionary is a book … gives you the meaning of words.

5.        I don’t like people … are never on time.

4. Составьте вопросы, используя правильные словосочетания

1.        …. are you?                                                                      

2.        … lessons do they have on Monday?                        

3.        … do your grandparents live from you?

4.        … was the river?

5.        … does your dog eat?

6.        …. does it take you to get to school?

5. Раскройте скобки, ииспользуя глаголы  Present, Past or Future Passive.

1.        Hockey (play) in winter.

2.        His new book (finish) next year.

3.        Many American programmes (show) on British television.

4.        My car (break) last week.

5.        What language (speak) at the conference next month?

6.        The transistor (invent) in 1948.

6. Выберите правильную форму глагола Active или  Passive?

1.        Shakespeare (wrote/was written) “Hamlet” in 1601.

2.        “Hamlet” (wrote/was written) by Shakespeare in 1601.

3.        You can (find/be found) some interesting information in this book.

4.        The answer can (find/be found) in the encyclopedia.

7.  Поставьте артикль the там, где необходимо.

1.        Japan                                                 6.  London

2.        South America                                  7.  Atlantic Ocean

3.        Asia                                                   8.  Black Sea

4.        Russian Federation                            9.  Thames

5.        Chelyabinsk                                      10.  Finland

11.        You should learn several phrases in ….. French.

12.        ….. Russians are hospitable and friendly.

13.        Canberra is …. capital of Australia.

8. Преобразуйте слова, напечатанные заглавными буквами в конце строк так, чтобы они грамматически и лексически соответствовали содержанию текста.

1.        They study French and ….at school.                                                     RUSSIA

2.        The National Gallery is visited by lots of…                                    TOUR

3.        He is a …..business.                                                                         SUCCESS

4.        Her dance made a great ….on my friends.                                          IMPRESS

5.        The girl could … sleep at night.                                                    HARD

6.        Lines, detention and report are kinds of …                                         PUNISH

7.        D.Mendeleev was a famous Russian ….                                         SCIENCE

8.        She was awarded a prize for the best…of the poem.                     TRANSLATE

9.        It is ….to swim here, the river is full of crocodiles.                    DANGER

10.        The … has already begun.                                                             DISCUSS

9.Выберите правильную форму глагола.

1) She … tennis two days ago.

A) Plays                B) playing                        C) played

2) His brothers often … the paths.

A) Swept               B) sweep                           C) sweeps

3) … we … a letter next week?

A) Do …write      B)Will … wrote                C) Will … write

4) Apples … in autumn by people.

A) Is gathered        B)are gathered                  C) gather

5) John … just … an ice-cream.

A) Is … eaten        B)has … eaten                  C) have … eaten

6) Valentina Tereshkova is a selfless …

A) Astronaut         B)cosmonaut                      C) nurse

7) Florence Nightingale was a …

A) Good-looking model       B) well-mannered ballet dancer       C) brave nurse

8) Her granny is a person… cooks tasty pies.

A) Which                    B)who                           C) whom

9) I am … in chess because this game is very … .

A) interested,             B)interesting,                C)interested

10) He … going to travel abroad soon.

A) Am                       B)is                               C) are

10. Выберите нужную форму так, чтобы получилось Сложное дополнение (Complex Object):

1. Father doesn’t want … to become a pilot.

a) I         b) my                   c) me                         d ) mine

2. The teacher wanted… pupils … the poem by heart.

a) him, learning         b) she, learn          c) his, to learn       d) his, learn

3. I wouldn’t  …    … to buy such an expensive computer.

a) like them             b) want them           c) wish her       d) liked she

4. They expect Kitty… at a hotel.

a) staying                 b) stay                c) to stay                   d) stays


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