5 класс

Тест 5 класс английский язык ваулина – Google Диск – Cторінку не знайдено

Мини-тесты. 5 класс. УМК SPOTLIGHT


Данные тесты включаются в уроки для закрепления материала и проверки знаний учащихся. Время проведения – не более 5 минут.

5 класс

Модуль 1

Урок 1b, стр. 28 (учебник)

Test Unit 1a, р.92 из Test Booklet

Complete the words

__ ule __

b __ ac __ bo __ __ d

__ ess __ n

  1. ge __ __ ra __ hy

  2. t __ __ e __ abl __

Underline the correct item.

  1. This is a/an ruler.

  2. The History subject/lesson is in Room C.

  3. Mat/Maths is on Wednesday.

  4. I write with a pencils/pencil .

  5. I use a pen/pencil sharpener.

5 класс

Модуль 1

Урок 1с, стр. 30 (учебник)

Test Unit 1b, p.93 из Test Booklet

Choose the correct response.

  1. A: Hello, my name is James.

B: a) Nice to meet you.

b) I’m fine, thanks.

2. A: It’s good to meet you, David.

B: a) I’m good, thanks.

b) Nice to meet you too.

3. A: Thanks very much.

B: a) You’re welcome.

B) How are you?

4. A: Have a good day at school!

B: a) I will, Mum.

b) Thanks.

5. A: Do you like your new school?

B: a) I’m fine, thanks.

b) It’s great.

Choose the correct item.

6. I ________________ 14 years old.

7. David and Linda ______________ 16 years old. 8. We ________________ in the same class. 9. The English class ________________ on Monday. 10. Are _______________ new to the school.

5 класс

Модуль 1

Урок 1d, стр. 31 (учебник)

Test Unit 1c, р. 94 из Test Booklet

Complete the words:

Sc __ enc __

su __ je __ t

M __ si __

  1. __ ng __ i __ h

  2. M __ t __ s

Underline the correct item:

  1. The ruler is at/ on the desk.

  2. The Maths lesson is on/ in Room E

  3. Ann is at/ on school now.

  4. Maths is Jeff’s favourite subjects/ subject.

  5. Mr Green is on/ in class 3C.

5 класс

Модуль 2

Урок 1b , стр.38 (учебник)

Test Unit 2a, р.95 из Test Booklet

Fill in the gaps

_____________ — Japanese

New Zealand — _____________

France — _________________

  1. ____________ — Canadian

  2. The UK — _______________

Choose the correct response

  1. A: What is Tim’s nationality?

B: a) He is British

b) He is from the United Kingdom.

7. A: When are your English classes?

B: a) They are not my favourite.

b) They’re on Thursday and Monday.

8. A: Who is your best friend?

B: a) This is Brenda

b) It is Brenda.

9. A: Where are you from?

B: a) I’m from France.

b) I speak English.

10. A: Do you like our new teacher?

B: a) Not much.

b) Yes, it’s great.

5 класс

Модуль 2

Урок 2с стр.40 (учебник)

Test Unit 2b р.96 из Test Booklet

Complete the sentences:

  1. That is a ___________________.

    There is ___________________ atlas on my desk. I’ve got a _______________ on my head. __________________ that your new bike? Are _____________ my trainers? Have you got _______________ books? Danny ___________ got a blue skateboard. Amy has got a black and white ________________. I ____________ got dolls in my room. Is _____________ your new camera?

    5 класс

    Модуль 2

    Урок 2d and English in Use, стр. 41-42 (учебник)

    Test Unit 2c, р.97 из Test Booklet

    Underline the correct item:

    1. How old is/are Emma?

    2. I are/am 12 years old.

    3. Tom’s got a/an hundred stamps.

    4. My mum’s thirtyfive/thirty-five years old.

    5. Mike’s from Australian/ Australia.

    Fill in the gaps

    1. 21 — _______________________;

    2. _______ — forty;

    3. _______ — seventy-three;

    4. 80 — _______________________;

    5. 100 — ______________________.

    5 класс

    Модуль 3

    Урок 3b, стр.48 (учебник)

    Test Unit 3a, р.98 из Test Booklet

    Choose the correct item:

    1. I live on the_______________ floor.

      There are two ______________ to the kitchen. The house has got four _______________. I cook in the _________________. Where do you sleep? In the _________________. Don lives in a ___________________ of flats. The kitchen is _____________________ the ground floor. ________________ floor is Jimmy on? My house has _______________________ rooms. The dining room is on the _______________ floor.

      5 класс

      Модуль 3

      Урок 3с, стр.50 (учебник)

      Test Unit 3b, р.99 из Test Booklet

      Choose the correct item.

      1. There is a/an washbasin in the bathroom.

      2. That is her/she computer.

      3. There are chair/chairs in the kitchen.

      4. Is this its/our new house.

      5. That is their/they bedroom.

      6. There is a/the cat under my bed.

      7. Is that him/his desk?

      8. Is their/there a cooker in the kitchen?

      9. I like you/ your new desk.

      10. Do you like my/me new book?

      5 класс

      Модуль 3

      Урок 3d, р. 51(учебник)

      Test Unit 3d, р.100 из Test Booklеt

      Underline the correct item

      1. She’s got trainers under/ over her bed.

      2. Dan keeps his computer in/ on his desk.

      3. Where is your wardrobe? – It’s behind/ next to the window.

      4. I’ve got books behind/ in my bookcase.

      5. We’ve got central heating on/ in all house.

      6. Sam’s cat sleeps under/ in his desk.

      7. My bedroom is on/ next to the bathroom.

      8. There are three bedrooms in/ on the third floor.

      9. Peter’s got posters in front of/ on his walls.

      10. Have you got second bathroom? – Yes, it is in/ on the ground floor.

      5 класс

      Модуль 4

      Урок 4b, р.58 (учебник)

      Test Unit 4а, p.101 из Test Booklet

      Underline the correct item.

      1. Dave can’t/can play the piano, but he plays the guitar.

      2. That is my mum/ look at him/her.

      3. Matt is their/there son. He plays football.

      4. John’s my best friend. I can tell his/him all my secrets.

      5. Sally’s clever. She can/can’t speak three languages.

      6. Simon is funny. He can/can’t make people laugh.

      7. Can you see that girl? What’s she/her name?

      8. Emma is only a baby. She can/can’t walk.

      9. Do you want to come with us? We/Our car is over there.

      10. Hello. Me/My name is Katie.

      5 класс

      Модуль 4

      Урок 4c, р.60 (учебник)

      Test Unit 4b, p.102 из Test Booklet

      Choose the correct item.

      1. _________________ sister is Mary? Scott and Tim’s.

        Is this the _________________ ball? Yes, it belongs to them. Look at the girl over there. __________________ she with/ That’s _____________ bike. It’s very nice! What’s his name? ________________ name’s George. Who’s Simon? He’s ______________ dad. This is a great house! Whose house is it? My mum is tall and thin with ______________ hair. Has he got any sisters? No, he ________________. ______________ jimmy? He’s their brother.

        5 класс

        Модуль 4

        Урок 4d, р.61 (учебник)

        Test Unit 4c, p.103 из Test Booklet

        Underline the correct item.

        1. Mary’s favourite hobby/work is reading books.

        2. Dave’s full/long name is Dave Smith.

        3. Bob goes/cooks dinner on Saturdays.

        4. Her birthday is in/on 24th May.

        5. Patty likes singing/sing at home.

        6. Is Dan short? No, he is/isn’t.

        7. Bill plays/playing guitar in a band.

        8. Holly’s hobbies are swimming/sleeping and reading.

        9. Matt can speak two language/languages.

        10. Has Sue got fair hair? Yes, she hasn’t/has.

        5 класс

        Модуль 5

        Урок 5b, р.68 (учебник)

        Test Unit 5a, p.104 из Test BOOKLET

        Underline the correct item.

        1. A leopard runs/run very fast.

        2. Elephants are very small/big animals.

        3. The Bengal tiger hides in short/ tall grass.

        4. The cobra is a safe/ dangerous snake.

        5. Penguins are birds but they can’t/can fly.

        6. A giraffe eats/eat leaves from trees.

        7. Lions sleep/sleeps during the day.

        8. Crocodiles swims/swim in rivers.

        9. Rhinos likes/like to sit in mud.

        10. Camels live in the forest/desert.

        5 класс

        Модуль 5

        Урок 5c, стр.70 (учебник)

        Test Unit 5b, p.105 из Test BOOKLET

        Choose the correct item.

        1. Giraffes have got ____________ necks and legs.

          Female lions _____________ manes. __________________ a monkey got wings? Bears can be black, _______________ or white. A giraffe has got long _______________. __________________ tigers like to swim? Yes, they do. __________________ a leopard eat grass& No it doesn’t. Monkeys like to ______________ bananas. Tigers have black or _______________ stripes. Cats have got soft _________________.

          5 класс

          Модуль 5

          Урок 5c, стр.71 (учебник)

          Test Unit 5c, p.106 из Test BOOKLET

          Choose the correct item.

          1. What pets _____________ you got?

            Tigers have got black ____________. I like to walk my _____________ in the park. My budgie ______________ all day long. My goldfish lives in a fish ______________. My cat is black with green _____________. A tortoise hides in its ____________. A hen is a female __________________ . A sheep is a farm animal. A cat is a ______________. My dog is big with golden ________________.

            5 класс

            Модуль 6

            Урок 6b, стр.78 (учебник)

            Test Unit 6a, p.107 из Test BOOKLET

            Underline the correct item.

            1. Have you got the hour/time, please?

            2. My mum goes to sleep in/at midnight.

            3. John, what time/ day do you wake up?

            4. Laura gets up/down at 6 o’clock.

            5. Sarah has dinner at about half after/past six.

            6. Paul never go/goes to bed late.

            7. My brother never/always goes jogging. He loves it.

            8. What time is it? It’s quarter to/before seven.

            9. I often\never play tennis after school. It’s good exercise.

            10. What time do you have dinner/breakfast in the morning.

            5 класс

            Модуль 6

            Урок 6c, стр.80 (учебник)

            Test Unit 6b, p.108 из Test BOOKLET

            Choose the correct item.

            1. Miss Smith ______________ a taxi.

              Patty likes to ____________ to school. A ______________ serves food to people. Mr Brown’s a _____________ at Maple Hill School. Tommy is _____________ with his dog in the park. Mr White flies planes. He’s a _____________. Ann’s a _______________. She helps sick people. Sam’s _____________ football today. My dad repairs cars. He is a _________________. Can you _____________ this letter to Mr Williams, please?

              5 класс

              Модуль 6

              Урок 6d, стр..81 (учебник)

              Test Unit 6c, p.109 из Test BOOKLET

              Choose the correct item.

              1. Patty __________ the dishes every day.

                My friend Carl often ___________ emails to me. I like ____________ tennis at weekends. Jim always washes his car _________ the weekend. Sara and Mary are ____________ coffee in the living room. Dad likes to ____________ flowers in the garden. Can I _____________ a phone call, please? my parents __________ busy every weekend. Joe is ____________ his breakfast in the kitchen. Great to ____________ from you.

                5 класс

                Модуль 7

                Урок 7b, стр. 88 (учебник)

                Test Unit 7а, р. 110 из TEST BOOKLET

                Choose the correct item.

                1. Sue likes playing in the snow in ___________ .

                  My dad _____________ leaves every autumn. It’s ____________ here in Canada now! Mary likes__________________ during the long hot summer season. Mum is ________________ tulip bulbs in the garden. What is the ___________ like in London now? Ben is __________ in Australia. Are you going ______________? There’s lots of snow! It’s ___________ and I haven’t got an umbrella! My brother usually shovels the ___________ in the winter.

                  5 класс

                  Модуль 7

                  Урок7с, стр.90 (учебник)

                  Test Unit 7b, р.111 из TEST BOOKLET

                  Underline the correct item.

                  1. John wears shorts/ trousers in the summer to stay cool.

                  2. What do you like/ think of my new dress?

                  3. Does this look/ suit nice on me?

                  4. I don’t like it. It looks great/ horrible on you.

                  5. My father flies/ is flying to Moscow today on business.

                  6. Sara always wears/ wearing boots in winter.

                  7. Where are you going/ go on holiday?

                  8. It’s going to raining/ rain today. Put your raincoat on.

                  9. Your blouse is nice. It doesn’t suit/ suits you.

                  10. Does it snow/ snowing often in winter?

                  5 класс

                  Модуль 7

                  Урок7d, стр.91 (учебник)

                  Test Unit 7с, р.112 из TEST BOOKLET

                  Underline the correct item.

                  1. Sara is sunbathing on the beach/ camp.

                  2. Mum is preparing food for our skiing/ picnic.

                  3. Do you want to go camping/ picnic at the weekend?

                  4. The temperature in Spain is very low/ high in the summer.

                  5. Judy’s watching/ watches TV in the living room.

                  6. Tony usually plays/ playing chess with his grandfather.

                  7. My brother never go/ goes camping when it’s hot.

                  8. Alex is staying/ stay with friends in Moscow.

                  9. What’s Sandy does/ doing now?

                  10. Bill usually reads/ reading books at the weekends.

                  5 класс

                  Урок 8b, стр. 98 (учебник)

                  Test Unit 8a, р.113 из Test Booklet

                  Choose the correct item.

                  1. I need ___________ milk from supermarket.

                    Americans eat _________ for Thanksgiving. There are ___________ carrotys in the fridge. Do you want ___________ apple? I’ve got tea and __________ biscuits. We dress __________ for celebrations. We ______________ bonfires at night. Mum ____________ special food for the holidays. Sally and Tim love to eat ___________ after dinner. Farmers ___________ their crops in the autumn.

                    5 класс

                    Модуль 8

                    Урок 8с, стр.100 (учебник)

                    Test Unit 8b, р. 114 из Test Booklet

                    Choose the correct item.

                    1. This is a _______ of olive oil.

                      There aren’t ___________ eggs in the fridge. There is ________ rice, but there aren’t any potatoes. Is there an orange? Yes, there _______ I don’t like vegetables so I never it _____________. How ______ cheese is on the table? ______________ is your birthday party? How ___________ bananas do you want? Mum’s got some onions, but she hasn’t got ________ garlic. Is there any pasta? Yes, _____________.

                      5 класс

                      Модуль 8

                      Урок 8d, стр.101 (учебник)

                      Test Unit 8c, р.115 из Test Booklet

                      Choose the correct item.

                      1. Let’s ___________ a big party!

                        Everyone ___________ a gift to a birthday party. The Chinese eat long noodles in _______________. Would you ___________ to have dinner? Jimmy doesn’t like pizza. Can he have _________/ Would you like to come to my house? I’d _____ to! Dad ___________ the house with balloons. Birthday __________ are very special in China. I like to ______________ games with my friends. Shall we have a party? No, I don’t ________ so.

                        5 класс

                        Модуль 9

                        Урок 9b, стр.108-109 (учебник)

                        Test Unit 9a, стр.116 из Test Booklet

                        Underline the correct item.

                        1. Let’s buy flowers at the newsagent’s/ florist’s.

                        2. I want a/ the new pair of shoes.

                        3. The toy shop is on the five/ fifth floor.

                        4. You buy a CD at the café`/ music shop.

                        5. A clothes shop sells shoes/ dresses.

                        6. The mall’s got fourth/ four floors.

                        7. The fast food restaurant is in/ on the basement.

                        8. There are 15,000 toys on/ in the shop.

                        9. I’d like to buy a magazine at the chemist’s/ newsagent’s.

                        10. Sam wants bread from the café`/ bakery.

                        5 класс

                        Модуль 9

                        Урок 9с, стр.110 (учебник)

                        Test Unit 9b, р.117. из Test Booklet

                        Choose the correct item.

                        1. You _______________ be quiet in the library!

                          ABC Theatre presents the _____________, “The Rose”. We can see giraffes at the ____________________.

                          1. ___________________ does a ticket cost?

                            The concert _________________ at eight o’clock. ________________ is the art exhibition. The theme park’s got a _________________. Let’s go to the _________________ for a cup of coffee. You ________________ take photographs in the library. __________________ time does the museum close.

                            5 класс

                            Модуль 9

                            Урок 9d, стр.111 (учебник)

                            Test Unit 9c, р.118, из Test Booklet

                            Underline the correct item.

                            1. I love watching horror/ comedy films. They make me laugh.

                            2. The star is the main/ minor actor in a film.

                            3. It’s a great film. You’ve got to see/ miss it!

                            4. I love concert/ adventure parks.

                            5. The film isn’t good. It’s exciting/ boring!

                            6. The story of a film is the plan/ plot.

                            7. I don’t like horror films. They calm/ scare me.

                            8. Sue wants to see Harry Potter. She likes romantic/ fantasy films.

                            9. What is the film about/ around?

                            10. Adventure films are full of quiet/ action.


                            Модуль 10

                            Урок 10b, стр.118-119 (учебник)

                            Test Unit 10a, р.119 из Test Booklet

                            Underline the correct item.

                            1. She will swim/ swims in the pool tomorrow.

                            2. Matt likes to travel/ travels by coach.

                            3. You can/ can’t take photographs in museums.

                            4. Dan will visit historic/ new sites in Egypt, like the pyramids.

                            5. We can’t/ can camp here. There are wild animals nearby.

                            6. Patty likes travelling by plane/ foot because it’s fast.

                            7. Holly wants to go on a cruise/ safari to see the lions.

                            8. You can go rock climbing/ swimming in the Himalayas.

                            9. We can/ can’t buy souvenirs here. They sell mugs and caps.

                            10. Sara wants to take a cruise/ train down the river Nile.

                            5 класс

                            Модуль 10

                            Урок 10с, стр. 120 (учебник)

                            Test Unit 10b, р.120 из Test Booklet

                            Choose the correct item.

                            1. Tim’s skin is red. He’s got __________________.

                              Peter will ________________ whitewater rafting. I don’t want to go fishing. I know I _____________ like it. I’m late and I will ______________ my plane. Mum wants to relax. She will go ______________. It’s hot! We’ll go ________________. Nancy likes __________ and swimming with the fish. Do you want to come jet skiing? It’s ______________! Matt wants to walk. He’ll go ________________. Bob is tired. He ____________ come windsurfing.

                              5 класс

                              Модуль 10

                              Урок 10d, стр.121 (учебник)

                              Test Unit 10c, р.121 из Test Booklet

                              Underline the correct item.

                              1. I can/ can’t meet you at 5. I’ve got to see the doctor.

                              2. You are sunburned! Don’t stay/ stay out of sun!

                              3. Katie’s got a temperature. She’s cold/ hot.

                              4. Joe’s at the doctor’s/ dentist’s. His tooth hurts.

                              5. What’s wrong/ bad with John?

                              6. I am not going to work. I am not feeling well/ bad.

                              7. I will meet you on/ at five o’clock.

                              8. Tim is at/ to Danny’s house. He’ll be home in an hour.

                              9. I am going to the doctor/ chemist’s. I need aspirin.

                              10. Bill is well/ ill. He needs to rest.


                              1. Английский язык. Контрольные задания. 5 класс. Учебное пособие для общеобразовательных организаций. – М.: Express Publishing «Просвещение», 2016


Тесты для 5 класса к учебнику Spotlight 5 УМК «Английский в фокусе»

Приложение № 14



  1. Listen to two people talking on the phone and fill in the missing information.

Name: Harry ►Smith

Place: 1)…………………………………

Date / leave: 2)………………………July

Date / come back: 3)……………..August

Travel by: 4)……………………………..

Price: 5)………………………………….

  1. Tell about Mr. Smith’s holyday.

Form 5

Term 3



1. Key:

1. Ireland,

2. 28th,

3. 4th,

4. coach,

5. £300.

2.Suggested answer :

Mr Smith wants to go to Ireland. He wants to leave on 28-th July. He comes back on 4-th August. He travels by coach. The holiday costs £300 (for eight days)



Assistant: Good morning. Sunway Travel. Can I help you?

Mr Smith: Oh, good morning. My name’s Smith, Harry Smith. Yes, I’m interested in your tours of Ireland, actually.

Assistant: I see. Just a moment, Mr Smith …right. We still have places available on our summer tours … that’s in June, July and August. When do you want to go, Mr Smith?

Mr Smith: Actually, I was thinking of the last week in July if that’s possible.

Assistant: Certainly … . Well, I can book you on the tour leaving on Friday, 28th of July. Is that all right with you?

Mr Smith: Yes, that would be alright.

Assistant: And how many people are you booking for?

Mr Smith: Oh, just one. I shall be travelling alone.

Assistant: So that’s one ticket for the tour leaving on the 28th of July. The coach leaves at 8 o’clock in the morning from the coach station. Can I help you with anything else?

Mr Smith: Well, yes. Can you tell me when we get back?

Assistant: Of course, Mr Smith. You return on the 4th of August at about seven o’clock in the evening.

Mr Smith: Just a moment, while I make a note of that. Return … 4th … 7 pm. And this is a coach tour, you say?

Assistant: That’s correct. We stopped doing rail tours last year. Our coach tours are very popular and very reasonably priced.

Mr Smith: Ah, yes! I forgot to ask! How much is the Irish tour, exactly?

Assistant: It’s Ј300 per person. That includes hotels and all meals for eight days.

Mr Smith: Ј300? That sounds very reasonable. Can I come in tomorrow to pick up my ticket?

Assistant: Of course, Mr Smith. Whenever you like. We are open until 6 o’clock tomorrow. Will that be all?

Mr Smith: Um, yes, I think so. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

Assistant: Goodbye, Mr Smith.


Итоговая контрольная работа 5 класс (Spotlight)

Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение

Кочкуровская средняя школа

607936 Нижегородская область Починковский район

с. Кочкурово ул. Советская 1б

Итоговая контрольная работа

Класс: 5

Учебник: «Английский в фокусе 4»

Авторы: Н. И. Быкова, Д. Дули, М.Д. Поспелова, В Эванс

Издательство: «Просвещение» 2015


Салина Елена Викторовна

учитель английского языка

МБОУ Кочкуровской СШ


Итоговая контрольная работа 5 класс УМО Spotlight

1 Аудирование

Listen to the text and mark the statements True (T), False (F), Not Stated (NS) (8 баллов)

  1. Gerda and Kay are friends.

  2. The Snow Queen is very kind.

  3. One day the Snow Queen comes and takes Kay away.

  4. Gerda feels unhappy and cries a lot about Kay.

  5. Gerda spends three days with the Prince and Princess.

  6. The Little Robber Girl is very kind to Gerda.

  7. Gerda meets the reindeer in the forest.

  8. Gerda finds her brother in the Snow Queen’s ice castle.

2 Чтение

Read the text and fill the table. (10 баллов)

Paul Smith is thirty-two. He is a musician. He lives in Seattle, USA.

Paul lives in a big, comfortable flat with his wife, Marta and their two daughters, Anna and Alice.

Marta is twenty-eight. She is a teacher. Anna and Alice are seven. They are twins. They go to school every day from 9 am to 2 pm.

Paul is handsome. He is tall and plump with short dark hair and grey eyes. Everybody likes him because he is clever and friendly and a very caring father.

In his free time Paul likes reading books and watching comedies. He doesn’t like working in the garden .He thinks it is tiring.

NAME _____________________________________________________________

AGE _______________________________________________________________

OCCUPATION (работа) _____________________________________________



FAMILY MEMBERS_________________________________________________







DOESN’T LIKE: ____________________________________________

3 Лексика I

Cross the odd word out. (6 баллов)

bed – bathroom – wardrobe – carpet 

computer – bookcase – digital camera –  television 

fridge – cooker – desk – table   

  1. bath – sink – washbasin – mirror   

  2. dining room – garden – kitchen – hall  

  3. desk – coffee table – chair – table  

4 Лексика II

Mach the countries to the nationalities. (6 баллов)

  1. Australian a. Ireland

  2. Russian b. Australia

  3. Japanese c. Russia

  1. British d. Japan

  2. English e. Britain

  3. Irish f. England

5 Лексика III

Match the objects to the school subjects. (6 баллов)

  1. Atlas a. English

  2. Paints b. Maths

  3. Experiment c. Geography

  4. Dictionary d. Music

  5. Calculator e. Science

6. Piano f. Art

6 Грамматика

Circle the correct answer. (17 баллов)

  1. Emma works in a hospital. _____ is a doctor.

  1. He b. She c. I

2. Those stamps ______ very old.

a. is b. are c. have

3. _______ your teacher got a coin collection?

a. Have b. Has c. Are

4. This is Adam and this is _______ brother.

a. its b. her c. his

5. There is _______ armchair in the room.

  1. a b. an c. —-

6. There is a painting _______the wall.

a. under b. in c. on

7. Sue and Ann _______ cook but they can’t dance.

a. have b. can c. can’t

8. _______ Nancy walk to school?

a. Do b. Is c. Does

9. Look at them! They _______ in the garden.

a. plays b. are playing c. play

10. Bill _______ TV every evening.

a. watch b. watches c. is watching

11. Dan _______ feel very well.

a. not b. doesn’t c. don’t

12. How often _______ they do the shopping?

a. are b. does c. do

13. It usually snows in Alaska but now the sun _______.

a. is shining b. shines c. shining

14. How _______ juice is there in the bottle?

a. much b. many c. any

15. _____ you like a glass of lemonade?

a. Would b. Do c. Can

16. Tom _______ his friends tomorrow.

a. meets b. is meeting c. will meet.

17. My brother ______ interesting film yesterday.

a. watch b. watched c. is watching

7 Письмо

Read a letter from a new pen friend. (10 баллов)

Dear friend,

My name is Wendy. I live in London, England. I am twelve years old. My birthday is on the 12th of May. I live with my mum and dad. I haven’t got any sisters or brothers.

I go to Hillside School. My school is great but it isn’t very big. I’m in class 1a. There are twenty pupils in my class. I like my classmates. They are very friendly. Have you got any friends in your class? My favourite subjects are English and Music. I don’t like Maths because I’m not very good at it. What’s your favourite subject?

I like reading books in my free time. I can sing and dance quite well. What about you?

I hope to hear from you soon.



Dear ______________

It was great to get your letter.

My name __________________________________________________________

I live in____________________________________________________________

I am ______________________________________________________________

I live with __________________________________________________________

I _________________________________________________friends in my class.

My favourite school subject ___________________________________________

In my free time____________________________________________________

I can ______________________________________________________________


8 Говорение

Translate the situation into English. (5 баллов)

У нас большая семья. Моя мама учительница. Ей 35 лет. Она высокая, темноволосая и очень красивая. Мама добрая и умная. Она умеет хорошо готовить. Папе 45 лет. Он высокий и стройный. Папа умеет играть на гитаре и пианино. Он хороший друг. Моему брату 15 лет. Он большой и сильный. Его зовут Дима. Он любит играть в компьютерные игры. Моей бабушке 65 лет, а дедушке – семьдесят. Я люблю свою семью.

Итого 68 баллов

Лист для учителя. Ключи.

Текст для аудирования.

Gerda and Kay are a sister and a brother. The Snow Queen is beautiful but evil (злая). Her castle of ice is in the far North. When the Snow Queen takes Kay away, Gerda goes to find him. On the way she meet the Prince and Princess. They are very friendly to Gerda. They give her warm clothes and a golden carriage. The Little Robber Girl is nice to her too. She gives Gerda her reindeer to take her to Lapland. The reindeer is from Lapland, so he takes Gerda there to look for Kay. It’s very cold in the Snow Queen’s castle. Gerda is brave, she saves Kay. They are happy again.


  1. F; 2- F; 3- T; 4- NS; 5- NS; 6- T; 7- F; 8- T

2 Чтение

NAMEPaul Smith

AGE — thirty-two

OCCUPATION — a musician

LIVES — in Seattle, USA

HOUSE — a big, comfortable flat

FAMILY MEMBERS — wife (Marta), two daughters (Anna and Alice)

APPEARANCE – handsome, tall and plump with short dark hair and grey eyes

CHARACTER – clever, friendly and a very caring

LIKES — reading books and watching comedies

DOESN’T LIKE — working in the garden

3 Лексика I

  1. bathroom; 2. bookcase; 3. desk; 4. sink; 5. garden; 6. chair

4 Лексика II

  1. Australian a. Ireland

  2. Russian b. Australia

  3. Japanese c. Russia

  4. British d. Japan

  5. English e. Britain

  6. Irish f. England

5 Лексика III

  1. Atlas a. English

  2. Paints b. Maths

  3. Experiment c. Geography

  4. Dictionary d. Music

  5. Calculator e. Science

6. Piano f. Art

6 Грамматика

1-b; 2-b; 3- b; 4-c; 5-b; 6-c; 7-b; 8-c; 9-b; 10-b; 11-b; 12-c; 13-a; 14-a; 15-a; 16-c; 17-b.

8 Говорение

We have got a big family. My mother is a teacher. She is thirty five. She is tall, her hair is dark and she is pretty. Mother is kind and clever. She can cook very well. Father is forty five. He is tall and slim. Father can play the guitar and piano. He is a good friend. Brother is fifteen. He is big and strong. His name is Dima. He likes to play computer games. My grandma is sixty five and grandpa is seventy. I love my family.

Пояснительная записка

Итоговая контрольная работа во 5 классе по УМО “Spotlight” состоит 8 заданий .

Задания 1 — 6 соответствуют базовому уровню.

Задания 7-8 — повышенному уровню.

Задание №1 проверяет умение учащихся понимать текст на слух на английском языке, построенный на знакомом лексическом материале.

Задание №2 проверяет навыки чтения с полным пониманием текста.

Задание №3 проверяет знание ЛЕ по темам: «Дом», «Мебель».

Задание №4 проверяет знание ЛЕ по теме «Страны, национальности».

Задание №5 проверяет знание ЛЕ по теме «Школьные принадлежности», «Школьные предметы».

Задание №6 проверяет знания учащимися грамматического материала по темам: Present Simple, Past Simple, Future Simple, Present Continues, местоимения, артикли, модальные глаголы.

Задание №7 проверяет умение учащихся отвечать на письмо друга по переписке с опорой на текст.

Задание №8 направлено на проверку умения составлять монологическое высказывание описательного характера.

Используемый источник: УМО “Spotlight” 5 класс (Английский в фокусе)

Порядок выполнения работы:

1. Сначала учащиеся выполняют задание по аудированию.

2. Далее выполнять задания можно в любой последовательности.

3.Работу можно выполнять 2 урока.

Оценивание работы:

«5» — 100 – 75% «4» — 74– 66%

«3» — 65 – 50% «2» — менее 50%

Отчёт о проведении итоговой работы в 4 классе ______________________школы.


% уровень





баллы всего








Зам директора по учебной работе:


Spotlight 5: Student’s book. Workbook. Test booklet. Class CDs / Английский язык 5 класс

Spotlight 5: Student’s book. Workbook. Test booklet. Class CDs / Английский язык 5 класс

Категория: Spotlight — Английский в фокусе

Год выпуска: 2010, 2011 г.
Автор: Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley, Bob Obee, Olga Afanasyeva, Irina Mikheeva /
Афанасьева Ольга Васильевна, Дули Дженни, Михеева Ирина Владимировна, Оби Боб, Эванс Вирджиния
Издатель: Просвещение, Express Publishing
Язык курса: Английский
Формат: PDF
Качество: Отсканированные страницы
Кол-во страниц: 390
ISBN: 978-5-09-029305-1
Серия: «Английский в фокусе»

Описание: Учебник является центральным элементом учебно-методического комплекта серии «Английский в фокусе» для 5 классов общеобразовательных учреждений. Отличительной особенностью УМК является модульное построение учебника, наличие аутентичного материала о России, заданий, соответствующим требованиям международных экзаменов, готовящим постепенно к Единому государственному экзамену по английскому языку. Учебник получил положительные заключения РАН и РАО на соответствие федеральному компоненту Государственного образовательного стандарта среднего (полного) общего образования. Рекомендовано Министерством образования и науки Российской Федерации.


Cкачать пособие





Треки к модулю 9 переработанного учебника для 5 класса (со знаком ФГОС на обложке) 

Spotlight 5. Аудиокурс к УМК для 5 класса.




Spotlight 5. Аудиокурс к тестовым заданиям для 5 класса.




Jack and the Beanstalk (5 кл.)




Jack & The Beanstalk / Джек и бобовое зёрнышко

Credit (00:00:00)

Chapter 1 – Jack Trott (00:00:10)

Chapter 2 – Jack Sells the Cow (00:01:36)

Chapter 3 – The Beanstalk (00:03:55)

Chapter 4 – Jack Climbs Up the Beanstalk (00:05:45)

Chapter 5 – The Giant (00:07:39)

Chapter 6 – The Hen that Lays Golden Eggs (00:09:16)

Chapter 7 – Jack Tries to Escape (00:11:06)

Chapter 8 – Jack Chops Down the Baenstalk (00:12:47)




 Spotlight 5 Student’s book Class CDs / Английский в фокусе — Аудиокурс к УМК для 5 класса

Credits (00:00:00)
Starter Unit
Ex. 1, p. 12 (00:00:34)
Ex. 3,4,7,8,9 p. 13 (00:01:30)
Ex. 1,2 p. 14 (00:05:59)
Ex. 3,4,6,7,8 p. 15 (00:07:43)
Ex. 1,2,5 p. 16 (00:12:39)
Ex. 6,7,9 p. 17 (00:16:40)
Ex. 4,5,6,7, p. 19 (00:18:28)
Ex. 1,5,6, p. 20 (00:21:37)
Ex. 1a,4,5,6, p. 21 (00:25:22)
Ex. 1, p. 22 (00:29:09)
Ex. 1a,4, p. 23 (00:30:14)
Ex. 1, p. 24 (00:32:11)

Module 1
Unit 1
Ex. 1a,3, p. 26 (00:33:08)
Ex. 1,4а, p. 28 (00:35:16)
Ex. 4, p. 30 (00:37:08)
Ex. 1,2,4, p. 32 (00:40:11)
Ex. 2a, p. 33 (00:43:00)

Module 2
Unit 2
Ex. 1a, p. 36 (00:43:51)
Ex. 4, p. 37 (00:45:04)
Ex. 1,2b, p. 38 (00:46:23)
Ex. 6,9, p. 39 (00:48:37)
Ex. 1,2,4, p. 40 (00:51:10)
Ex. 1, p. 41 (00:53:43)
Ex. 1a,1b,4, p. 42 (00:55:26)

Module 3
Unit 3
Ex. 1,2а, p. 46 (00:57:52)
Ex. 3, 6, 7, p. 47 (01:00:24)
Ex. 1, 3а p. 48 (01:05:45)
Ex. 1a, 2 p. 50 (01:08:29)
Ex. 2, p. 51 (01:10:25)
Ex. 1a, 1b, 4, p. 52 (01:11:44)
Ex. 1a, 1b, p. 53 (01:14:23)

Module 4
Unit 4
Ex. 2a, p. 56 (01:16:16)
Ex. 3b, p. 59 (01:18:13)
Ex. 2, 5, p. 60 (01:19:10)
Ex. 1a, 2, p. 61 (01:22:27)
Ex. 1a, 1b, 4, p. 62 (01:25:22)
Ex. 1b, 2, p. 63 (01:28:20)

Module 5
Unit 5
Ex. 2, 4а, p. 66 (01:30:27)
Ex. 9, p. 67 (01:33:15)
Ex. 1a, 4b, p. 68 (01:34:29)
Ex. 8, p. 69 (01:36:12)
Ex. 1a, 2а, p. 70 (01:37:07)
Ex. 1, p. 71 (01:39:38)
Ex. 2, 3, 6, p. 72 (01:41:29)
Ex. 1, 2а, 5, p. 73 (01:43:40)

Module 6
Unit 6
Ex. 4, p. 77 (01:47:15)
Ex. 3a, p. 78 (01:49:20)
Ex. 8, 9, p. 79 (01:51:01)
Ex. 2, p. 80 (01:54:17)
Ex. 1, 2, p. 81 (01:55:35)
Ex. 1a, 2а, 4, p. 82 (01:57:47)
Ex. 2, p. 83 (02:00:19)

Module 7
Unit 7
Ex. 1a, 2b, p. 86 (02:01:27)
Ex. 4b, p. 87 (02:04:08)
Ex. 4, 8, p. 89 (02:05:29)
Ex. 2, 3, p. 90 (02:08:26)
Ex. 1, 2, p. 91 (02:10:00)
Ex. 1, 2а, 5, p. 92 (02:12:05)
Ex. 1, 3, p. 93 (02:14:34)

Module 8
Unit 8
Ex. 3a, p. 96 (02:16:26)
Ex. 7, 8, p. 97 (02:20:10)
Ex. 1a, 2, 3а, p. 98 (02:23:29)
Ex. 8, p. 99 (02:26:54)
Ex. 1, 2а, p. 100 (02:28:54)
Ex. 1, 2b, p. 101 (02:31:48)
Ex. 1a, 1b, 4 p. 102 (02:34:52)
Ex. 2, p. 103 (02:37:21)

Module 9
Unit 9
Ex. 2, p. 106 (02:39:05)
Ex. 5, p. 107 (02:39:50)
Ex. 2a, p. 108 (02:40:08)
Ex. 4, 6, p. 109 (02:40:47)
Ex. 1, p. 110 (02:42:01)
Ex. 2, p. 111 (02:42:27)
Ex. 1, 2, 4, p. 112 (02:43:58)

Module 10
Unit 10
Ex. 3a, p. 116 (02:46:21)
Ex. 7, 8а, p. 117 (02:51:00)
Ex. 1a, 2b, p. 118 (02:54:00)
Ex. 1, 2, 5, p. 122 (02:55:44)
Ex. 1a, 2 p. 123 (02:58:38)




Spotlight 5 Workbook Class CDs / Английский в фокусе — Аудиокурс к УМК для 5 класса рабочая тетрадь

Workbook — Unit 1a, ex.4, p.17 (00:00:00)
Workbook — Unit 1c, ex.3, p.19 (00:02:10)
Workbook — Unit 2c, ex.3, p.25 (00:05:13)
Workbook — Unit 3c, ex.3, p.31 (00:07:50)
Workbook — Unit 4c, ex.3, p.37 (00:11:47)
Workbook — Unit 5c, ex.3, p.43 (00:14:36)
Workbook — Unit 6b, ex.4, p.48 (00:16:10)
Workbook — Unit 7c, ex.3, p.55 (00:17:33)
Workbook — Unit 8c, ex.3, p.61 (00:20:03)
Workbook — Unit 9b, ex.4, p.66 (00:22:35)
Workbook — Unit 10a, ex.3, p.71 (00:25:30)





Spotlight 5 Listening Tests. / Английский в фокусе — Аудиокурс к тестовым заданиям для 5 класса.

Test 1 (00:00:00)
Test 2 (00:03:39)
Test 3 (00:07:49)
Test 4 (00:09:43)
Test 5 (00:11:27)
Mid Test (00:15:27)
Test 6 (00:17:06)
Test 7 (00:20:56)
Test 8 (00:23:24)
Test 9 (00:25:24)
Test 10 (00:27:32)
Exit Test (00:29:40)


Key to Tests






Проверочные тесты по английскому языку «Spotlight» (5 класс)

Контрольная работа I четверть 5 класс.

1.Write as in the example

e.g notebook 1) _ r_ _er 2) _e_

3) h _ _ m_ _ 4) c _ _ 5) g _ _ _ _ _

2) Chose the correct item

1. This is … orange. 4. Bill … 14 years old.

a) an b) a a) are b)is

2. John … new to the school. 5. The … are in the pencil case.

a) ‘m b) ‘s a) ruler b) rulers

3. Tim and Wendy … in the same Science class.

a) are b) is

3) Underline the correct item

1. I has/have got a skateboard. 4. They has/have got pens and pencils.

2. Natasha have/has got a cap and gloves. 5. We has/have got basketballs.

3. Peter has/have got special powers.


5) Underline the correct item.

1. Amy has got a new bikes/bike. 4. Jim has got brown glove/gloves.

2. Tim has got a pair of trainer/ trainers. 5. She has got a guitars/ guitar.

3. We have got red watches/watch.

Ответы 5 класс 1 четверть

  1. 1eraser, 2pen, 3helmet, 4cap, 5gloves

  2. 1a, 2b, 3a, 4b, 5b

  3. Have, has, has, have, have

  4. These, this, these, that, those

  5. Bike, trainers, watches, gloves, guitar

Ответы 5 класс 2 четверть

  1. 1b, 2a, 3a, 4c, 5c

  2. Small, long, noisy, fair, small

  3. Can, can’t, can, can, can’t

  4. 1B, 2F, 3E, 4A, 5C

  5. There aren’t any, there is a, there are, there isn’t a, there is a.

Ответы 5 класс 3 четверть

  1. 1tortoise 2penguin 3crocodile 4insect 5lays

  2. 1. The Bengal tiger lives in India.

2. Black tigers have stripes.

3. Bees make honey.

4. Leopards run very fast.

5. I go to the zoo every Saturday.

3) 1. At the bakery.

2. At 5 o’clock in the morning.

3. He rides his bike.

4. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

5. On Wednesdays.

6. He reads a book or works in the garden.

4) is listening, goes, am waiting, plays, it isn’t raining, do you speak

5) March, May, Autumn, October, November, June, July, Winter, January, February

Ответы 5 класс 4 четверть

  1. The, the, an, a, an

  2. Fishing, jet skiing, scuba diving, swimming, windsurfing

  3. Must, must, mustn’t, mustn’t, must

  4. 1. John wants to go to the museum.

2. I think I will try sailing.

3. I want to eat pizza for dinner.

4. Will you have lunch with me?

5. The train is arriving in five minutes.

5) a, some/an, some, an, an/some

Контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс 2 четверть

1) Choose the correct item

1. Dave’s trainers are … the bed. 4. There’s a computer … the desk.

a) in b)under c)over a) next to b)in front of c)on

2. The armchair is … the fireplace. 5) My bed is … the window.

a) next to b)behind c)on a)behind b)in c)under

3. Wendy has got a painting … the wall.

a)on b)in c)in front of

2) Underline the correct word

1. Lisa is a baby. She’s big/small.

2. My sister’s got long/big hair.

3. Paul’s naughty and noisy/quiet.

4. Dad’s tall with fair/good hair.

5. My teacher’s got a kind/small nose.

3) Underline the correct word

1. This is easy. You can’t/can do it! 4. Sara can’t/can play the guitar. She is a good musician.

2. I can’t/can speak French. I only speak English. 5. The baby can’t\can walk yet.

3. Mark can’t/can play football. He plays on Mondays.

4 )Choose the correct response.

1. Who is she? A) It’s Jack’s.

2. How old are they? B) My best friend.

3. Where is his house? C) The USA

4. Whose car is this? D) In London

5. Where are they from? E) They’re twelve and fourteen.


Контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс 3 четверть

1 )Circle the odd out

1. peacock – hen – duck – tortoise 3. leg – insect – break – tail

2. penguin – sheep – cow – deer 4. goldfish – tiger – lion – leopard

3. rabbit – dog – parrot – crocodile

2) Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

1. tiger, Bengal, in, lives, India, the 4.fast, leopards, very, run

2. stripes, black, tigers, have 5. go, zoo, I, to, every, the, Saturday

3. honey, bees, make


4)Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or the Present Continuous.

1. John is in his room. He …. (listen) to music. 4. Nathan …. (play) the piano when he wants to relax.

2. Daniel … (go) surfing every Sunday. 5. …. (it/not rain) at the moment.

3. I … (wait) for Nina right now. 6. …. (you/speak)English?

5)Complete the missing month and seasons.

A) Spring B) 3._______ C) Summer D) 8________

1. ______ September 6 _______ December

April 4. ________ 7 _______ 9 ________

2.______ 5. ________ August 10________

Контрольная работа по английскому языку 5 класс 4 четверть

1) Fill in the sentences with a, an or the

1. I like to go shopping at … weekend. 4.Is there … toy shop in this town?

2. I am going to the chemist’s on … fifth floor. 5. Kate always has …. party on her birthday.

3. I have …. apple every day. 6. Every year, Sam gets …. electronic game for his birthday.


3) Complete the sentences with must or mustn’t

1. You …. throw rubbish in the bin. 4.We … take photos. It’s bad for the paintings.

2. You … leave by 6 o’clock or you’ll be late. 5. You … be quiet in this library

3. T hey … eat inside the gallery!

4) Put the words on the correct order to make sentences.

1. to/ the/ John/ museum/ wants/ go/ to 4. have/ will / yiu/ lunch/me/ with?

2. think/will/ I /sailing/ try/ I 5. train/ the/arriveng/ is/ five/ in/ minutes

3. want/ eat/ dinner/ to/ I /pizza/ for



Тест по английскому языку (5 класс) на тему: Spotlight 5 тест к Модулю 7

Test 7 A

1. Послушай запись и выбери правильный ответ.

1. Sally doesn’t like              A short skirts.                     B  long-sleeved shirts.          C  black clothes.

2. Sally is a size                     A  eight.                             B  ten.                                   C  twelve.      

3. Sally has got                     A  £ 5.                                 B   £ 15.                                C  £ 20.

4. Andy likes                        A  a blue shirt.                    B  some jeans.                       C  a wool sweater.

5. The shop assistant  is       A  helping a customer.       B  in front of the coats.          C  behind Sally and Andy.

2. Дополните пропущенные буквы в словах.

1. Spring months: M _ r _ h,  A _ _ i _ , M _ y.     2.  Winter months: D _ c _ _ b _ r,  J _ n _ a _  _,  F _ br _ a _ y.

3. Составьте словосочетания, напишите перевод.

                                             pick                 play                go              rake                     watch    

 TV                flowers                      in the snow                         swimming                      leaves      

4. Подчеркните правильную форму глагола.

1. Fiona makes / is making a snowman  at the moment.  2. Helen and Tom are watching / watch TV now.  3. What time do you usually do / are you usually doing your homework?  4. On Sundays we usually stay / are staying at home. 5. Tim doesn’t watch / isn’t watching TV now. 6. Dan doesn’t like / isn’t liking my new flat.

5. Раскройте скобки. Поставьте глаголы в Present Simple или Present Continuous.

1. The sun … (shine) now. 2. John … (not / listen) to music now. 3. Daniel … (go) to school every day. 4. I … (wait) for Nina at the moment. 5. Nathan … (not / play) always the piano. 6. …you …(cry) now?

6. Выпишите «лишнее» слово.

1. cold – snow – rain – hot                        2. June – August – April – July              

 3. tie – blouse – skirt – high heels           4. boots – trainers – shoes – umbrella

Test 7 B

1. Послушай запись и выбери правильный ответ.

1. Sally doesn’t like              A short skirts.                     B  long-sleeved shirts.          C  black clothes.

2. Sally is a size                     A  eight.                             B  ten.                                   C  twelve.      

3. Sally has got                     A  £ 5.                                 B   £ 15.                                C  £ 20.

4. Andy likes                        A  a blue shirt.                    B  some jeans.                       C  a wool sweater.

5. The shop assistant  is       A  helping a customer.       B  in front of the coats.          C  behind Sally and Andy.

2. Дополните пропущенные буквы в словах.

1. Summer months:  J _ n _,   J _ l _,   A _ g _ s _.           2. Autumn months:  S _ pt _ _ b _ r,  O _ t _ b _ r,  N _ v _ m _ _ r.

3. Составьте словосочетания, напишите перевод.

                                     make               have                 read                   go                pick

               flowers                   a book                      camping                      a picnic                   a snowman

4. Подчеркните правильную форму глагола.

1. Kate wears / is wearing a red dress now.  2. Mike makes / is making a snowman at the moment.  3. What are you doing / do you do now? 4. We go / are going to the cinema every Sunday.  5. When do you usually go / are you usually going shopping?  6. I don’t like / am not liking red cars.

5. Раскройте скобки. Поставьте глаголы в Present Simple или Present Continuous.

1. It … (rain) now. 2. Dan … (go) camping every weekend. 3. Luke and Jane … (not / ride) their bikes to school every day. 4. I … (not / listen) to you right now. 5. What … (you / watch) now?  6. I always … (have) a glass of milk before I go to bed.

6. Выпишите «лишнее» слово.

1.  dress – blouse – skirt – umbrella                2. May – June – August – July                                                           3. hot – sunny – warm – winter                      4. trousers – skirt – jeans — shorts


Итоговые тесты по английскому языку для 5 класса к учебнику «Spotlight».

Лексико-грамматический тест 5 класс(1 четверть)

1. Поставьте артикль a или an

  1. ___ student.

  2. ___ apricot.

  3. ____ orange.

  4. ___ big carpet on the floor.

2. Вставьте вместо пропусков глаголы am, is, are:

a) I ___ a pupil.

b) My mother ___ a good doctor.

c) They ___ not at home.

d) His father ___ an engineer.

e) Dogs ___ in the street.

f) I ___ not a pilot.

3. Напишите существительные во множественном числе:

a) child ___________________

b) cap ____________________

c) camera _________________

d) brush ___________________

e) lady ____________________

f) game ____________________

4.  Поставьте глагол have, has :

  1. I________blue eyes.

  2. He ________ a short pen.

  3. Her sister _______ a yellow dress.

  4. They ________long legs.

  5. Tim and Tom_________big kites.

5. Напишите числительные цифрами:

a) twenty – three

b) twelve

c) sixteen

d) fifty-seven

e) eighty

f) fourty-three

6. Выпишите лишнее слово из логической цепочки слов:

a) pen, book, school bag, pencil, bed

b) Monday, Thursday, December, Wednesday

c) Russian, the UK, Canada, Italy.

d) orange, apple, white, black

e) Science, Maths, Geography, Sunday.

f) French,American,Scottish,The USA.

Лексико-грамматический тест 5 класс ,2 четверть.

1. Подставьте глагол can или cant.

a). This is easy. You can’t/can do it!

b). I can’t/can speak French. I only speak English.

c). Mark can’t/can play football. He plays on Mondays.

d). Sara can’t/can play the guitar. She is a good musician.

2. Образуйте притяжательный падеж существительных:

а) машина папы______________________________

b) Светин стол_______________________________

c) книги девочек______________________________

d) спальня Тома___________________________

3.Выберите правильный ответ.

1. Who is she? A) It’s Jack’s.

2. How old are they? B) My best friend.

3. Where is his house? C) The USA

4. Whose car is this? D) In London

5. Where are they from? E) They’re twelve and fourteen.


5.Выберите нужное местоимение.


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